I’ve Got Lots of Women

Monday, May. 9th 2011 4:21 PM

Depending on how far I wish to expand my circle, it is safe to say that I have dozens of women – women I love and with whom I have fruitful, pleasurable and mutually-beneficial relationships. And no, my mate doesn’t mind at all. In fact, she loves them too. And Happy Mother’s Day to all of them, even the ones who don’t have children, because those who don’t “mother” me, mother my children.

Yesterday was Mother’s Day, so I’m going to take a break from writing about romantic relationships and instead spend some time thanking the many women in my life. And I suggest you consider doing the same. Nothing makes a mom, wife, daughter, sister, aunt or any other woman feel more special than to know that she is appreciated. Gratitude is, after all, the reason for this season (which includes Father’s Day next month). And letting the people you appreciate know how much you value them makes you a Powerful Person in a Partnership.

As I said, I’ve got lots of women, but for the sake of space, I’ll hit the highlights:

First up is my paternal grandmother. Grandma is 93 years old and holding on. Do you know those grandmothers who have “nothing in the refrigerator” at 5 p.m. on a Sunday but still manage to have a full dinner on the table for five by 7 p.m.? That’s Grandma. I have so many incredible memories of her taking care of me and my entire family that it amazes me. What a beautiful and loving matriarch! (Kiss, Grandma!)

Next is my outstanding mother. She is a hard worker and a strong woman. She raised me and has always been there for me. She also drives me crazy. I can’t remember a time when she didn’t. But it is also safe to say that I drive her crazy. There’s a lot of driving going on between us. Fortunately, we both have driver’s licenses – and a whole lot of love for one another. (Kiss, Mom!)

Then there is the great and wonderful missus. She is a fantastic partner, mother, “step” parent and friend. She reigns over the kingdom of passive-aggressiveness, but at least she is cute while doing it. And I don’t know how, but she manages to put up with me. Perhaps it’s because, when faced with each other’s quirks and flaws, we can laugh about it together. She is all right with me. (Kiss, Honey!)

Next is my “step” mom (though I only include “step” for the sake of clarity; she is just another mom as far as I am concerned). She has been a great addition to my life, and more importantly, to my dad’s. He has definitely found his soul-mate. She is supportive of everyone in the family, easy to deal and work with, and a real trooper. (Kiss!)

I also have three younger sisters, and though they do not yet have children, they are phenomenal aunts and deserve some credit on Mother’s Day. My oldest younger sister is a physician. She is as smart as a whip. Other doctors sometimes have difficulty appreciating all of her, because she is a flower-child and smiles constantly. I think that most people expect doctors to be serious and “professional-looking” all of the time. That ain’t her. She is a great blessing and one of the shining stars in my world – and in the lives of her nieces and nephews. (Kiss!)

Then there is the incredible, serious-minded, no-nonsense middle sister. If there is a project to be completed, she is the one to call. If I need childcare, she’s always ready and willing. In fact, sometimes she calls me to ask if she can drive all the way across town to pick up one of her nieces or nephews from school or wherever. She is the inherent maternal-spirit of my three sisters. Though she is fun, my children know not to mess with this aunt. She means business, but she is as lovable as she can be along the way. (Kiss!)

My baby sister is easily the smartest of us all and will be CEO of some big company one day. She was also the easiest for our parents to raise. Her nickname was Soul-Sister, because she was such a groovy baby-girl. She is still enjoying her early twenties, so she can be hard to catch up with, but when I do get to visit with her, I always enjoy myself. She is the only one who will let me get away with throwing her over my shoulder and spinning her around the room. That’s my girl. (Kiss!)

Last, but definitely not least, are two women who loved and helped raise me – my maternal grandmother and my great-aunt. They have both been deceased for more than 10 years, but they remain a part of each of my days. (Kiss, kiss!)

These are my wonderful women. And I am proud to have lots of them. I wish them – and all the mothers in your life – a very happy Mother’s Day!

Keep rising,


Frank Love


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8 Comments on “I’ve Got Lots of Women”

  1. The Babiest Baby Sister Says:

    Love you back big brother!!! Muah!!

  2. Ayanna Gregory Says:

    Love this piece!

  3. Massander Says:

    I’ve got lots of women, too! Thanks for sharing the love.

  4. Martha Says:


  5. Kay Says:

    I always enjoy the display of abundant love especially to our women who so desperately need it.

  6. Ramesh Says:

    dear woman is one but her shapes may be different

  7. Shelley H. Says:

    Hi Frank, I love the article as always, wish I was one of the women on your list. Thanks for the appreciation of women, so I would like to say I very much appreciate the work you do, like me, to help others to form stronger bonds through LOVE. Lets set the world on fire.

  8. James Says:


    You sure we don’t have the same mother??? I ask because ALL of those same women are the main ones in my life. Especially “BIG MAMMA”; she is/was the glue that keeps/kept black families 2 gether; has/had a solution to EVERY problem in the family, and can/could cook with little or nothing in the freezer. Yes, I’m Georgia bred & raised—STRAIGHT COUNTRY however,I’m dissappointed that a lot of “brothas” would say this and be thinking with their D%$#S, instead of their hearts when saying “I’ve got lots of women”. . . . ALL WOMEN desreve daily praise, recognition for them being that “special individual woman”, and most of all LOVE. This is very powerful and all of the compliments, praise, thank you, sunshine smiles, etc. etc. etc. etc.; does not m,ean that a man will get into the panties. I emphasize this point because a lot (not all)men, get this twisted.

    Thus, some (not all) men assume the wrong things; just because a man smiles at her, gives her flowers, a cute teddy bear, $$$$$,etc. Some men just assume that if they do these and other things; they will get in the panties.


    A lot of times a woman just wants a man to be nice to her; NOTHING MORE because if she wants more, she will say it.

    Again, my Grandmother, Aunts, & sisters taught me everything about women (I’M NOT GAY just because I was raised by my Grandmother & Aunts; my mom & dad got divorced when I was 3 and me & my siblings were raised separately) however, maybe that’s what a lot of these 21st Century men need today (to be taught EVERYTHING about women, BY WOMEN). . .

    Just my opinion/experiences on this issue; regardless if I’m right or wrong. It doesn’t matter. WHAT’S RIGHT or WRONG is what matters when it comes to the BLACK WOMAN.

    All other races of women are cool for various reasons however, I only understand the black woman and believe that she only understands the black man.

    Everyone has a CHOICE. That is all that GOD gave mankind: (CHOICE OF FREE WILL). . . .

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