A Message to the Father’s Day Council

Monday, Jun. 27th 2011 1:20 AM

I had a great Father’s Day weekend. On Saturday, we held a birthday party for my youngest son, and on Sunday, my kids gave me a beautiful poster with each of their pictures and a message that I will always cherish. That poster is headed for a frame and my wall … for sure.

Of course, when you’re a father who also has a dad, the day is not all about you, and mine wanted to spend most of the day in the park with his family. While I’m grateful to have a wonderful father to celebrate, I stumbled upon a Father’s Day quandary: I didn’t want to go to the park. As I was getting ready to go, the previous day’s birthday party caught up to me, and I suddenly found myself fatigued. So, I asked my family to go on without me and let me rest in my quiet home alone for a while. They agreed and headed out, leaving me to enjoy some wonderfully-comfortable time, lying around in my underwear. Happy Father’s Day to me!

But the catch-22 was that I also wanted to celebrate Pops, so I had to compromise. I couldn’t keep relaxing if I wanted to recognize him the way in which I felt he deserved to be recognized. So, I got my hind-parts up off the couch and headed over to the park, where I had a great time with my family. But I couldn’t forget my desire to be at home alone, celebrating my Father’s Day the way I wanted.

So, here is what I propose. Next year, let’s get rid of Grandparents’ Day (who, after all, get celebrated on Mother’s Day and Father’s Day anyway) and have Father’s Day Part I and Part II. On the usual Sunday in June, we’ll all get together and celebrate the patriarch of the family (otherwise known as the “Old Dad”). And in September, we can have Part II, the day to recognize the “Young Dads.” On this day, young dads’ wonderful mates and children will be required to leave the house from noon until 5 p.m. and let them have a quiet day at home alone (oh, and a prepared meal would be nice too). A point of order is that it is OK for “Old Dad” to stop by and visit “Young Dad” during this time. Everyone else must give their hugs and well-wishes before noon or after 5.

In fact, why wait until Father’s Day to give Dad some alone time to drink beer and watch football or play Grand Theft Auto in his drawers? And in all fairness, it wouldn’t hurt to occasionally take the kids out for a day in the park and give Mom a chance to drink wine and take a bath (or drink beer and play Grand Theft Auto, if she is so inclined). When we, as parents, get solitary time to rest and replenish our energy, we have more to give our families. And what better way to show your appreciation for your mate than to allow him/her a day to take care of No. 1?

Finally, I must thank my wonderful father and family for all they do and all they are. My days are brighter because of each of you. Because of the love, sensitivity and patience that you constantly show me, you are Powerful People in your Partnerships with me.

Keep Rising,

Frank Love


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4 Comments on “A Message to the Father’s Day Council”


    As an attorney that represents many fathers in their family law matters, I made sure to send them all a Father’s Day card in recognition of all they do for their children! As a mother and daughter, I make certain to help my children properly acknowledge their father and still made time to spend time with my father, just as is done in our family for Mother’s Day!

  2. Misti Burmeister Says:

    I agree… we should celebrate ourselves a little everyday… spend more time hanging around the house in our comfy clothes. that is, unless that is your norm… then, maybe get out more! 🙂

  3. M Says:

    You are funny!! time is definitely needed for regeneration, but the idea of celebrating father’s day or mother’s day alone deprives our children of experiencing intergenerational transmission of stories, etc. You, actually we all, need a day here and there…take it for sure. On days that celebrate family, then celebrate family!!!!

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