Not-So-Random Acts of Love

Monday, Mar. 26th 2012 7:00 AM

This year’s Valentine’s Day has passed. I’m sure people everywhere scrambled to make dinner reservations, to find the perfect card or (for those who wait until the last minute) to find a suitable box of chocolates left on the shelf. While it might be Cupid’s favorite holiday, it’s certainly not one of mine. My issue is not with the commercialization of love (though it’s certainly a big money-maker) or with the fact that it’s a day we’re practically mandated to prove our love. I don’t get into Valentine’s Day because I prefer to show that I care – at the same level of grandeur – more than once a year.


And though I am constantly amazed by my partner, and truly mean to show my appreciation in special ways on a regular basis, my busy life makes it hard to find time to do the things that are on my mind. But I firmly believe that we make time for the things we want to do … or we implement solutions to assist us where we fall short.

For example, I happen to be a man who loves flowers. I love to have them in my home and I love to give them to my mate and other important women in my life. I have often thought about how I could have beautiful flowers regularly sent to my home or delivered to my mate’s office. I considered hiring someone to do so, but the cost seemed prohibitive. I considered ordering flowers online, but that also gets expensive over time … plus, I kept forgetting. I even visited a flower wholesaler not far from my home, but I had to sift through mounds of undesirable flowers in order to find some that were fresh and pretty. And who has time to do that on a regular basis?

Then, I was introduced to h.bloom, a subscription flower-delivery service. Each delivery is $29.00 and the shipping is free. I simply provide them with a recurring delivery schedule and my payment information, and the flowers magically appear – fresh and beautifully packaged. So, instead of sending my lady, my mom or even myself flowers when I think about it (or once a year, on February 14th), I can send them like clockwork.

Sure, it’s not spontaneous, but these not-so-random acts of love still make my point – that I care enough to make sure some beautiful flowers brighten her day regularly, even when my busy brain doesn’t remember.

If you want to automate your thoughtfulness but your partner isn’t really into flowers, here are a few other suggestions:

TASTY TREATS: For the sweetheart with a sweet tooth, check out David’s Cookies monthly subscription.

FRUIT: If your mate prefers healthier snacks, consider The Fruit Company’s Fruit of the Month.

BOOZE: If your partner likes to relax with a nice glass of wine or with an ice-cold beer, give him/her a monthly treat. Check out this beer and wine club.

MORE: Gourmet Monthly Clubs offers regular deliveries of everything from cheese, chocolate, to cigars.

Of course, you’re not limited to websites with regular deliveries. You could also set your calendar or phone to remind you to perform some “random” acts of love. Go through the calendar for the next year and mark a day (once every month or two) for your reminder. On those days, send her a spa certificate, order him that new album he’s been wanting, or simply pick up her favorite candy bar on the way home. The point is not to shower your partner with expensive gifts, but rather to show that you’re thinking about and appreciating him/her.

Having the right support system in place can help us show those who mean the most to us how much they matter. And that’s Powerful.

Keep Rising,

Frank Love

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  1. Nzinga Says:

    You can also stop by Kuumba Kollectibles @ 312 Florida Ave. NW for flowers.

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