A one-year old radio talk show is looking for someone to help to recruit guests for our talk show on relationships.

Frank Relationships (www.FrankLove.com) is where we provide a fresh and frank look at relationships with goals of acceptance, respect and flexibility.  We are heard by approximately 5,000 listeners each week.  We have hosted guests and discussed topics that run a broad range from:

  • Dr. Gary Chapman, The Five Love Languages
  • Swinging
  • Funeral Planning
  • Riddick Bowe, Former Two-Time Heavyweight Champion
  • Open Relationships
  • Child Friendly Divorce

The show records weekly.  Usually on Thursday mornings from 8:30am to 9:30am.  I am looking for a team member that will be responsible for recruiting interesting guests.  Guests have and may be:

  • Professionals (Urologists, Funeral Directors) that discuss their fields;
  • Authors (such as Dr. Gary Chapman, The Five Love Languages; Dr. Hariett Lerner, The Dance of Anger);
  • Researchers (Child Rearing in the Inner City);
  • Individuals with interesting  experiences (a transsexual; a woman in a polygamous relationship);
  • Celebrities (former two-time heavyweight champion, Riddick Bowe)

No radio experience is necessary.  Your regular presence in the studio on Thursday mornings is not necessary, though you are welcome to come.  This position is unpaid, and your willingness to promote and share your work (the show) throughout your personal circles is helpful.

If you are interested please send an email to Frank@FrankLove.com that includes your resume and/or a description of yourself, as well as what you believe that you can bring to the show.  A few shows that you may listen to in order to learn more about our format can be found at:

With my previous co-host:





Without a co-host:




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