A Call for Female Panelists and Disapprovers:

Men Who Love Multiple Women

Frank Love and Frank Expressions, LLC are compiling a powerful roster of relationship thought-leaders for our upcoming two-hour panel discussion on men that have relationships with multiple women.  This forum will be held at Liv, 2001 11th Street, NW, Washington, DC 20001, from 7pm to 9pm, Wednesday, October 8, 2014.  There will be a mixer between 6pm and 7pm.

This panel discussion will consist of relationship professionals, individuals with experience being in relationships with multiple women (open or hidden), women who have or would consider being in a relationship with a man with other female partners, and individuals with strong opinions (pro and con) on relationships of this nature.

Our goal is to have a constructive discussion about polyamorous behaviors in men and related issues.

If you have something new or powerful to say about:

  • The appropriateness of a relationship(s) of this nature;
  • The implementation of these types of relationships;
  • The pros and cons of these types of relationships;
  • The effect on children; and/or
  • Any other related matter

Please send a brief (no more than 300 words) narrative detailing your experience to Frank@FrankLove.com, no later than June 5, 2014.  Your narrative should note:

  • If you are or if you are connected with a man (or men) that has been or is in a relationship with multiple women; and
  • Why you believe that your addition to the panel will positively contribute to this conversation.

Powerful contributors may include but are not necessarily limited to:

  • Women with strong opinions (pro or con) related to relationships where the man has more than one female partner;
  • Men that are or have been in polygamous or polyamorous relationships;
  • Men that display polyamorous behaviors;
  • Women that have been in polygamous relationships;
  • Men that have “cheated” on their partners;
  • Relationship counselors that have experience with any of the aforementioned;
  • Related authors and/or researchers;
  • Clergy;
  • Individuals with a religious or cultural perspective to offer; or
  • Individuals with a strong and articulate perspective on the noted types of relationships.

We are accepting information on potential speakers.  Previous speaking experience is not necessary.

We will confirm that we’ve received your narrative and will follow up directly if you’ve been accepted or if we have any questions.

Frank Love™ (www.FrankLove.com) is a relationship blogger, a radio show host (Frank Relationships Radio Show), television personality (Frank Love on Relationships), and the author of How to Gracefully Exit a Relationship.

* An event related to women having multiple partners will follow in the future.

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