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How to Gracefully Exit a Relationship

“I found How to Gracefully Exit a Relationship to be very genuine. It was similar to having a conversation with a good friend that gives great advice….How to Gracefully Exit a Relationship also opened my eyes to the idea of setting precedent for a breakup. As a young 20-something, it is fairly certain that my dates in the next few months will not be with “the one.” And even if I ended up falling in love and marrying one of these guys, as Love pointed out, people divorce or die and it is important that you are mentally prepared for this. He suggested that as a couple, you sit down and discuss the possible breakup in the early stages of a relationship. I have never discussed the possibility of a breakup with anyone I’ve dated and I have certainly never told my date how I would like to be dumped or ask him how he would like me to dump him. Yet, Love is on to something with that idea. It would be much less painful if both partners know that there is a possibility that the breakup is coming and that they both understand each other’s personalities and respect boundaries. Perhaps if I had done this with previous partners, I would not have as many horrible breakup stories as I do now.”


“We say that great writers have this ability of adjusting vast amounts of information in a nut-shell and that is what Frank Love succeeds in doing…[How to Gracefully Exit a Relationship] is based on extensive research, conversations with friends and people in general, observations of (love) lives of people around him and his varied experiences with his (various) relationships. Each chapter opens with a motivating quote that you always concur with. Also the anecdotes, studies or surveys that he includes in the book are both awe-inspiring and thought(s)-provoking. If you go by the title you may imply that the book is generally for people who are in a relationship and are contemplating a break-up in near future. IT IS NOT SO…this book is equally applicable to every single human being on the earth. Never been in love, searching for love, first love, in a relationship for (xyz) years, just married, married for years, have kids, whatever stage you are in your relationship, you’ll find something that is applicable to you either to make your relationship better or to clear your mind on certain issues or to decide your future course of action.”


“[How to Gracefully Exit a Relationship] echoes much of my own feelings about what we call relationship dissolution and that is that it isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Lots of relationships end because they should end, because they’re no longer productive or rewarding. Further, there are things you can do to dissolve a relationship effectively/gracefully.”

How to Gracefully exit a relationship


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