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Frank Relationships: Leigh Goodmark, Esq. on Domestic Violence and the Legal System

Feb. 4th 2014
Does the legal system do enough to deter domestic violence? We are going to discuss this and much more on this edition of Frank Relationships.

Frank Relationships: Michele Weldon, author, I Closed My Eyes: Revelations of a Battered Woman

Nov. 11th 2013
Are you a battered woman? Do you wonder what makes battered women stay in abusive relationships? Well, stay tuned as we discuss this powerful issue … on this edition of Frank Relationships.

Frank Relationships Radio Show: Abuse and How to Exit a Relationship

Nov. 9th 2012
In this episode of Frank Relationships, Frank Love and Dr. Gayl are discussing the ABCs of breaking up with Ellyn Loy, Director of Clinical Services, House of Ruth. Want to know how to end it with ease and what to do when things aren't quite going to end so easily? Check out this week's episode of Frank Relationships.
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How Bad Was Bobby Brown?

May. 27th 2012
How much of what you read or hear about other people’s romantic partnerships do you actually believe?

Rape or Regretted Sex?

Oct. 5th 2011
There is a difference between regretted sex and rape.

Abuse or a Learning Experience: You Pick

Sep. 17th 2011
If you can learn and grow from an experience, it isn’t abuse. It is a learning opportunity.

Verbal Abuse: The Whole Truth

Aug. 31st 2011
When people "put you down," they might actually be doing you a favor.

Men and Women: We’re in it Together

May. 15th 2011
There are no "women's issues" or "men's issues," because what affects you affects the ones you love.

How to Abuse Yourself and Blame Others

Apr. 24th 2011
“Abuse” is term that is thrown around pretty liberally in our society. But do you abuse the word “abuse”?