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Frank Relationships: Financial Responsibility w/ Tamiko Overton Parks, Esq., Miko’s Money Matters

Feb. 8th 2016
Are you fiscally responsible? Prepared for rainy days or a lay-off? Are your financial habits sound? We'll find out the important questions to ask, and the perspective to keep related to your day-to-day money management … on the edition of Frank Relationships.

Frank Relationships: Finding Money for College w/ Major Betz, Scholarship Leadership Institute

Jan. 18th 2016
Got kids? Want them to have an education? Need money to fund it? We’ve got a “Major” solution … on this edition of Frank Relationships.

Monogamy: How Important is It to You?

Apr. 16th 2012
Considering the emotional, financial and even bodily damage that infidelity can bring about, it’s worth discussing your thoughts on the issue with your mate.

How to Avoid “Relationship Debt”

Dec. 4th 2011
Debt is an unpleasant reality that most Americans have learned to live with – both in their personal finances and in their politics. But remember when you’re holiday shopping this year that it can also be hard on a marriage.