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Frank Relationships: Polygamy in the African-American Community

Jun. 2nd 2013
There have been two television shows, of note, about polygamy in the white American community. Here is an African-American polygamy story ... on this edition of Frank Relationships.
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It’s Not Your Relationship; It’s Not Your Business – Or Is It?

Feb. 6th 2012
Each romantic partnership and its "rules" are defined by the people in it; therefore, no two relationships look the same. So, why do we feel the need to define our relationships for others?

It’s Controversial

Jan. 30th 2012
Here's what to do about those home-wrecking "other women."

Monogamy = Love?

Dec. 19th 2011
My second guest blogger, Jill Nelson discusses why women so often conflate a monogamous relationship with love.