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Frank Relationships: Dr. Ava Cadell, Clinical Sexologist

Jan. 15th 2018
Do you have any use for a clinical sexologist? You might be surprised … on this edition of Frank Relationships.
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Frank Relationships: Sexual Incompatibility w/ Monique Ruffin & Kenya Stevens

Apr. 11th 2016
You’ve got it all; a great marriage and a lovely home. You’re both on the rise in your careers, but in the bedroom things seem to fall flat. How can sexual incompatibility be addressed in a long-term relationship? We'll figure it out … on this edition of Frank Relationships.

Frank Relationships: Tantra with Master Yao Nyamakye

Jan. 11th 2016
There is powerful sexual energy that lies within each of us that can be life changing. Stay tuned as we discuss tantra on ... on this edition of Frank Relationships.
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Frank Relationships: The First Lady of Swinging

Aug. 19th 2013
Couples? Do you want to experiment with your sexual happenings? Are you and your partner willing to try something outside of the norm? Well swinging might be your thing. If so, listen up as we explore the events and the culture ... on this edition of Frank Relationships.

What’s Your Unprotected Sex Protocol?

Aug. 27th 2012
When are you comfortable with unprotected sex?

Why Fear a Pretty Face?

Jul. 30th 2012
In life and love, fear will keep you from getting what you want.

What Gets You in the Mood?

Jul. 2nd 2012
Why do human beings have sex?

Monogamy: How Important is It to You?

Apr. 16th 2012
Considering the emotional, financial and even bodily damage that infidelity can bring about, it’s worth discussing your thoughts on the issue with your mate.

The Purpose of Sex

Feb. 13th 2012
Is sex a sacred sharing that should only happen between two people who love each other? Is it simply for pleasure, or solely for reproduction? Or is it about intimacy?

It’s Not Your Relationship; It’s Not Your Business – Or Is It?

Feb. 6th 2012
Each romantic partnership and its "rules" are defined by the people in it; therefore, no two relationships look the same. So, why do we feel the need to define our relationships for others?

It’s Controversial

Jan. 30th 2012
Here's what to do about those home-wrecking "other women."

Why I Suspect My Partner is Cheating on Me

Jan. 23rd 2012
A key to a healthy, productive relationship is not learning how to spot the signs of an affair; it is to stop worrying about it.

What Do We Find Attractive in the Opposite Sex

Jan. 9th 2012
What qualities do you find most attractive in a potential partner? Here is what the research said.

A Perspective Against “Manning Up”

Dec. 27th 2011
Only you can determine what you value in life and/or how you behave in order to be "a man” or "a woman.”

Monogamy = Love?

Dec. 19th 2011
My second guest blogger, Jill Nelson discusses why women so often conflate a monogamous relationship with love.

Celebrity Marriages: Why Do We Care?

Nov. 13th 2011
Many of us romanticize romance … and look to famous people for inspiration – both on-screen and off-screen. But consider how well celebrity romances typically work out.

Rape or Regretted Sex?

Oct. 5th 2011
There is a difference between regretted sex and rape.