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Frank Relationships: Paul Selig; Author, The Book of Truth

Sep. 21st 2017
Can you channel your partner through a medium? We'll find out on this edition of Frank Relationships.
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Cynthia Chauvin Miles, Hypnotherapist and Intuitive Counselor

Jan. 5th 2017
How can a hypnotherapist and intuitive counselor help you create a better relationship? We'll find out ... on this edition of Frank Relationships.
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International Travel Blogger, Jennifer Ward

Aug. 8th 2016
Traveling can be one of life’s most enjoyable experiences. We’ll give you tips, hints and experiences from a blogger who travels the world … on this edition of Frank Relationships.
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Police and Policing with Sgt. Grant Pressley, Jr

Jul. 18th 2016
Policing. Police. Black Lives Matter. Corruption. Anger. And Racism. We’ll be discussing it and more … on this edition of Frank Relationships.
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“Dating for Life” with Craig Wilson

Jun. 20th 2016
We are talking with a gentleman who can predict who will and won't have a successful marriage … on this edition of Frank Relationships.

Greeting Cards for Ex-Lovers

Jun. 6th 2016
Did you know that ex-partners and lovers can get along? They might even send one another a greeting card. And today’s guests have the cards to sell them. We’re discussing a new corner of the greeting card industry on this edition of Frank Relationships.

Frank Relationship: Kiki Strickland on “Getting Married in 2 Years or Less”

Mar. 14th 2016
Ladies, wanna get married? Today’s guest can help you achieve your goal in two years or less … on this edition of Frank Relationships.

Frank Relationships: Kemetic Yoga with Yirser Ra Hotep

Feb. 29th 2016
Are you interested in yoga? Ever heard of Kemetic Yoga? We've got the details and the master on this edition of Frank Relationships.

Frank Relationships: A Tool for Measuring How We Think, “The Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument”

Feb. 24th 2016
Wanna learn about a tool to measure how you and others think? We'll learn about the Herrmann Brain Dominance Instrument on this edition of Frank Relationships.

Frank Relationships: Financial Responsibility w/ Tamiko Overton Parks, Esq., Miko’s Money Matters

Feb. 8th 2016
Are you fiscally responsible? Prepared for rainy days or a lay-off? Are your financial habits sound? We'll find out the important questions to ask, and the perspective to keep related to your day-to-day money management … on the edition of Frank Relationships.

Frank Relationships: Estate Planning w/ Aimee Griffin, Esq.

Feb. 1st 2016
Are you prepared for your wishes to be carried out once you are no longer able to voice 'em? We'll find out how to get your affairs in order … on the edition of Frank Relationships.

Inheritance Matters

Jan. 21st 2016
Minimize the potential fights among your children once you are gone by estate planning.
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Frank Relationships: Tantra with Master Yao Nyamakye

Jan. 11th 2016
There is powerful sexual energy that lies within each of us that can be life changing. Stay tuned as we discuss tantra on ... on this edition of Frank Relationships.
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Frank Relationships: Janice Hoffman, “Relationship Rules”

Apr. 20th 2014
If you have ever had the men/Mars-women/Venus conversation, you are about to be thrilled with this edition of Frank Relationships.

Frank Relationships: Mike Bushman, Author of “Suicide Escape,” on Teenage Depression and Suicide

Mar. 9th 2014
Thoughts of teenage depression and suicide may be closer than you think. Let’s discuss it and much more … on this edition of Frank Relationships.

Frank Relationships: Leigh Goodmark, Esq. on Domestic Violence and the Legal System

Feb. 4th 2014
Does the legal system do enough to deter domestic violence? We are going to discuss this and much more on this edition of Frank Relationships.

Frank Relationships: Bina Shah, Journalist and Pakistan Native, on Arranged Marriages

Jan. 5th 2014
Ever wonder how arranged marriages work? Today we'll get the dish from a journalist and Pakistani native. Stay tuned for an intriguing and interesting conversation on this edition of Frank Relationships.

Frank Relationships: Hattie Elliot’s “The Grace List,” A Unique Dating Experience

Oct. 14th 2013
It’s the millennium so why not take finding the perfect partner or friend to a new level? Open yourself up to new experiences and leave the rest to our guest ... on this edition of Frank Relationships.

Three Ways to Prepare Your Boyfriend for Your “Boyfriend-Hating” Family

Oct. 2nd 2013

Check out this week’s guest blogger, as the issue of making “nice” with her family is explored.

Even though your family has frequently frowned upon your choice of guys in the past, you’re sure Mr. New Guy has a good

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Frank Relationships: Mr. Locario, author of How to Have Sex with Two Women in One Day

Sep. 22nd 2013
Men: Is your game lacking? Do you wish you had the swagger it takes to get with that sexy girl you pass everyday on the way to work? And would you like to have sex with two women in one day? Well stay tuned as we talk with dating coach Mr. Locario ... on this edition of Frank Relationships.

Frank Relationships: Suzanne Muller, Dating Coach

Aug. 27th 2013
How comfortable are you in the dating process? How beautiful do you think you are? These are a few of the important questions that our guests wants to ask yourself as you determine … whether you can easily transition from dating to being “In a Relationship” ……. on this edition of Frank Relationships.

After Earth: A Great Father’s Day Movie

Jun. 12th 2013
Will Smith has out-done himself with this Father-son flick.

Frank Relationships Radio Show: Inter-racial Relationships

Apr. 7th 2013
What are the issues that are unique to an inter-racial couple? We’ve got a television show that seeks to answer that question … and the creators to guide us through their experience living the life … on this week’s edition of Frank Relationships.
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Alison Martin’s Candid Communication

Jan. 8th 2013
Having a relationship with a person can be a warm and uplifting lifetime experience. But not all relationships go smoothly ...
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Frank Relationships Radio Show: Matthew C. Horne, “How to Get Beautiful Women…”

Jan. 6th 2013
What man doesn’t want a beautiful woman on his arm? If you happen to be a guy with such an aspiration, stick around, you are about to learn how to attract them.

Frank Relationships Radio Show: Giving and the Christmas Spirit

Dec. 30th 2012
The Christmas season is upon us, and there is altruism lingering about; We’ve bought lot’s of gifts and we have good feelings and chests poked out; We give to the needy, gifts like food and sweaters; But have we overlooked the arrogance of perceiving someone as needy, just so we can feel better? Let’s explore giving and the Christmas spirit, on this week’s edition of Frank Relationships … Stay tuned.

Frank Relationships Radio Show: Gina Stewart, Online Dating Coach

Dec. 17th 2012
Looking for that special someone? If so, you have undoubtedly given some thought to online dating. Stay tuned … we’ve got just the coach to help you put your best profile forward.
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Standards vs. Expectations

Sep. 16th 2012
Knowing yourself and what you want is great. But unless the object of your interest is a mind-reader, you may have to communicate your expectations, or risk losing out on a great opportunity.

How Other People Can Ruin Your Relationship

Sep. 9th 2012
Your well-meaning, opinionated friends and family members can systematically tear your relationship apart … if you let them.

Kudos to Kudrow

Sep. 3rd 2012
In a recent graduation speech, Lisa Kudrow told young people not to take risks. And, believe it or not, I agree with her.

What’s Your Unprotected Sex Protocol?

Aug. 27th 2012
When are you comfortable with unprotected sex?

Unprotected Sex Feels Better

Aug. 20th 2012
An honest, effective conversation about safe sex requires that we admit a truth that often gets left out of the discussion: Unprotected sex feels better.
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Chris Bosh and Allison Mathis: Having It In Writing Might Have Helped

Aug. 13th 2012
Avoid the drama and expense of legal battles by planning for your split before it happens.

Would You “Let” Your Three-Year-Old Go to Europe with Your Ex?

Aug. 4th 2012
Should one parent be allowed to take a child out of the country without the permission of the co-parent?
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Why Fear a Pretty Face?

Jul. 30th 2012
In life and love, fear will keep you from getting what you want.

Gay Marriage: Look it Up

Jul. 23rd 2012
In the midst of public controversy about the definition of marriage, I decided to consult the ultimate source – the dictionary.
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Memories of Relationships Past

Jul. 16th 2012
When you remember past relationships, do you think of your former partners fondly? Or are you still bitter, angry or hurt?

From Marriage to Co-Parenting: Redefining a Relationship

Jul. 8th 2012
If your ex is still a good parent to your children, consider yourself blessed.

What Gets You in the Mood?

Jul. 2nd 2012
Why do human beings have sex?

Take Her to a “Chick-Flick”

Jun. 24th 2012
Romantic comedies may not be your style, guys. But if your lady likes “chick-flicks,” I suggest sharing her popcorn.

The Blaming of You

Jun. 17th 2012
Do you and your partner play the blame game? Psychologists say it’s only natural, but that doesn’t mean it’s productive.

Turf Wars

Jun. 10th 2012
When two people share a home, they both undoubtedly want to feel comfortable there. But there will probably be times when they have opposing desires about what should go on in that space.

Is Marriage for Women?

Jun. 4th 2012
I have always thought of marriage as a win/win, something that benefits both the man and the woman involved. But to hear some women talk, you’d think it’s all for the women.
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How Bad Was Bobby Brown?

May. 27th 2012
How much of what you read or hear about other people’s romantic partnerships do you actually believe?

What is Important to Me?

May. 21st 2012
Sometimes the egocentric desire to keep score can ruin the enjoyment we get from simply giving to others.

When Partners Do Things We Do Not Like

May. 14th 2012
What does your partner do that drives you crazy? Are you capable of simply accepting that quality or behavior as part of who your mate is, and not considering it a ploy designed to infuriate you?

What is Relationship Consciousness?

May. 7th 2012
How well do you and your partner make decisions together and resolve potential conflicts? Are you able to do so in a way that usually leaves both parties feeling heard, and to some degree, satisfied?

Appearance Matters

Apr. 30th 2012
After recently having the woman I've been looking at for eight years blow me away with her beauty, I can now see how appearance matters ... even when we are with partners we truly believe love us no matter how shabby we look.

Are Relationships Sacred?

Apr. 23rd 2012
Are there aspects of your relationship that are too “sacred” to even discuss? If so, you might be headed for turbulence.

Monogamy: How Important is It to You?

Apr. 16th 2012
Considering the emotional, financial and even bodily damage that infidelity can bring about, it’s worth discussing your thoughts on the issue with your mate.