Scandalous Love?
Men Who Love Multiple Women


Join Frank Love and his panel of thought leaders as they discuss issues related to “Men Who Love Multiple Women.”

Frank Love’s Top 3 Trending Relationship Topics:

  1. Men and monogamy … a reasonable expectation or not?
  2. Can sisterhood include sharing men?
  3. “Cheating” or “Sex with others”?
Relationships can be challenging. Turn on the screen and every story about a couple can be spiced up by adding a third-party, affair or paramour. And the formula works, because we keep watching, discussing pointing fingers.

Ah! Sin, immorality, and dishonesty have never been this tantalizing! But, is it really … so bad?

Are there new possibilities that we are not considering? Are we limiting the love and flexibility that we can share in
our relationship?

If we look beyond the morality police and our insecurities we will discover that in many couples, one or both partners feel locked in a closet of possibility. “Coming out” has a new meaning.

  • “Honey, I want another woman, and I still love you!”
  • “Dad. John and I are bringing another woman into
    our family.”
  • “Sweetheart. My girlfriend is pregnant.”
Our lives are complex. Let’s explore and discuss them.

Join our panel of relationship experts and people living in diverse relationship scenarios to discuss:

  • Cheating: Is it real or are we being too hard on one another?
  • Polygamy
  • Quiet or covert relationships
  • Whether men secretly desire more than one
  • Raising children in multi-union families
We will also explore:
  • Suggested steps if you have serious thoughts related to being in a relationship with more than one woman, and
  • How women respond and define their personal fulfillment.
Join Frank Love and his panel of thought-leaders as they explore these powerful and quietly prevalent dynamics in our community. Tickets are available now and can be purchased here.
Wednesday, October 8, 2014 @ Liv
2001 11th Street, NW
Washington, DC 20001
Mix, Mingle, Happy Hour and Drink Specials:
6pm to 7pm
Panel Discussion:
7pm to 9pm

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