Panelists:  Men Who Love Multiple Women

Anthony is a married father, who believes that individuals can have committed, non-monogamous relationships.   He met his wife online, where he openly introduced his interest in having a family outside of the constraints of monogamy. The two have been married for approximately one year.  Through his personal experience and open marriage, Anthony believes that he can help individuals plan for the issues and possible pitfalls that may lay ahead when co-existing in a committed and non-monogamous relationship.

J. Speed is a divorced father of three.  Since his divorce, two years ago, he has vowed to only participate in romantic relationships where his female partner understands that he will most likely always have other sexual and intimate partners.  He believes “monogamy is a trap that keeps men in guilt thus vibrating low, making it harder to attract success in all other areas of our lives.”  He also notes, “If a woman is in relationship with a man that handles his responsibility that she need not be concerned with his relationship with other partners.”

Maria is a smart and dating artist, business woman and author of the self-love guidebook, 21 Days to a Love Supreme. She says there is a 98% probability that a relationship between she and a man that was intimately involved with someone else would never work. From her professional coaching and personal life experience, it is her opinion that most people would most likely go unsatisfied in a relationship of that nature.   She wants full disclosure, upfront and feels that a man that does not provide such will lose her respect.

R. S. Adams was an adopted child, a precursor that he believes contributes to his preference for the safety that multiple relationships bring.  He notes that when he was younger he was constantly in the “friend-zone” of the women in his world, because he was not attractive or compelling enough to convince most women to want more. Then transformation occurred. During his college years he was “turned out” by an older married woman. From that point on his “veil” of anonymity disappeared, and he has regularly and openly engaged in long-term multiple relationships, over the course of 32 years.  Some of these relationships occurred while he was married.

Shekhem Tepraim Saa is a health consultant and educator.  He is also a student and teacher of Chinese Herbal Science, Homeopathy, and Nutrition for more than twenty-five years.  He brings a personal, unique, grounded and powerful cultural perspective to the concept(s) of plural relationships.  Though Shekhem Tepraim Saa’s talents primarily focus on health, he believes that relationship counseling is often an important component of health counseling and services.

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