A one-year old radio talk show is re-launching and looking for two new co-hosts to elevate the experience.  

Frank Relationships (www.FrankLove.com), is a real and direct conversation where we provide a fresh and frank look at relationships with goals of acceptance, respect and flexibility.  

Show Background

The show has been heard by approximately 5,000 listeners each week.  We have hosted guests and discussed topics that run a broad range from:

  • Dr. Gary Chapman, The Five Love Languages
  • Swinging
  • Funeral Planning
  • Riddick Bowe, Former Two-Time Heavyweight Champion
  • Open Relationships
  • Child Friendly Divorce

New Show Direction

Frank Relationships will move to the platform of integrating more entertainment in addition to direct coaching and advice to people looking for transformation in their relationship. Frank Relationships will also be a platform to deliver timely and accurate statistics and information in regard to how relationships look in America and what we are doing to yield happier and healthier lifestyles. Frank Relationships will be syndicated on multiple digital platforms with the goal to broadcasting on traditional radio platforms to garner the attention necessary to make in impact in this area.

Co-host Requirements

  • availability to record in person in Washington, DC on a weekly basis.
  • a contrasting personality to a direct, frank, African-American, heterosexual male.
  • ability to effectively communicate and create good and entertaining conversation
  • No radio experience is necessary.

If you are interested, please send an email to marketing@franklove.com describing yourself and what you believe that you can bring to the show.  A few shows that you may listen to in order to learn more about our format can be found at franklove.com. Please check out the following:

With previous co-host:

Frank Relationships: Dr. Gary Chapman, author of The Five Love Languages


Frank Relationships: Apologies with Elijah R. Young, host, The Relations Podcast


Without a co-host:

Frank Relationships: Julieanne O’Connor, Author, Spelling It Out for Your Man


Frank Relationships: Dr. Ruth Stevens, Issues Particular to Women Over 40


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