Wanted: Volunteer Radio Show Producer

(Virtual, Any Location)

The Frank Relationships Radio Show is looking for a volunteer producer.  


  • Suggesting guests for the show;
  • Contacting potential guests to request their appearance as guests on the show;
  • Preparing questions to ask each guest;
  • Preparing a briefing for the show’s host to review, before and while on air; and
  • Suggestions to increase the metrics and popularity of the show.


The Producer will:

  • Initiate and maintain contact with celebrities and top-notch thought-leaders, researchers and professionals, while arranging interviews to discuss relationships.
  • Suggest powerful guests and conversations that will valuable to the community, the show and the host.
  • Work with a team that is committed to expanding the existing and prevailing conversations and perspectives related to relationships.

Show Background

Frank Relationships has been heard by approximately 5,000 listeners each week.  We have hosted guests and discussed topics that run a broad range from:

  • Dr. Gary Chapman, The Five Love Languages
  • Swinging
  • Funeral Planning
  • Riddick Bowe, Former Two-Time Heavyweight Champion
  • Open Relationships
  • Child Friendly Divorce

New Show Direction

Frank Relationships will move to the platform of integrating more entertainment in addition to direct coaching and advice to people looking for transformation in their relationship. Frank Relationships will also be a platform to deliver timely and accurate statistics and information in regard to how relationships look in America and what we are doing to yield happier and healthier lifestyles. Frank Talk will be syndicated on multiple digital platforms with the goal to broadcasting on traditional radio platforms to garner the attention necessary to make in impact in this area.

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